Community Service

Brooklyn Free Space, a pre-school program where Mr. Donnelly serves on the Board and as Chairman of the Audit Committee.

J & B Leaning Center, Ltd.,serves as adviser to the Board on matters of organization and finance. Mr. Donnelly acquired New York State and federal non-profit status which enabled fund raising in NY for this school in rural India. 

Manhattan Women, served as a member of the planning committee of this organization which promotes exploitation of womens' rights and advancements through a weekly public service TV show, and a monthly newspaper.

Incube, Inc.,served as Chairman of the Audit Committee. This organization is dedicated to the training of recuperating mental health disability victims for re-entry into the workplace.

DreamSpace, Ltd., as a Director. This is a non-profit organization providing after-school programs for teenagers. The objective is to provide facilities for artistic and cultural expression, thereby igniting the pursuit of personal development.